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Today’s rapid technological development can make it easier for us to do anything including borrowing money. Therefore, in the event that you need an emergency fund, the best solution to do this is to apply for a fast loan without any guarantee. Is this possible? Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Online lending is an easy-to-obtain lender. All you need to do is download the online loan application you want. But you need to be careful about choosing a fast, easy online loan application without guarantee. Make sure the online loan application you choose is registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority). Well, online lenders for poor credit like https://citrusnorth.com/ can be an option as a solution to your financial needs.

All you need to do is set up three requirements, namely Citizenship Card, National Identity Number, and National Bank Account Number on your behalf. personal. Make sure you’ve downloaded the Good Credit app first on the PlayStore. Then you can sign up immediately by filling in your personal data so you can log into the account you signed up for.

After successfully logging into your Good Credit account, you will need to complete some basic info to make your loan application process easier. Well, once you’re done, then you can make the loan application by determining the loan amount and choosing the tenor term you need.

Easy Loans: Good Credit Ready to Help You Get Loans

Easy Loans: Good Credit Ready to Help You Get Loans

The rapid development of technology has become an inevitable phenomenon, especially with the number of online lenders. One of the online lenders is Good Credit. The loan process in the Good Credit is simple and fast. All you need is a photo of yourself, your Resident Identity Card (National Identity Card), your ID, and your income statement or payslip.

The Good Credit offers a number of loan products that you can choose from. There are two types of loans available to the Good Credit, namely short term and installment. You can choose according to your needs. These types of short term loans and installments are further divided into several products. For short term loans consist of:

You can apply for a loan starting from USD. 500k to USD. 5 million for 10-30 days. As well as daily service charges of 0.4% to 0.5%. If you make a payment you can get a 4% TK $ Rewards credit for your next loan.


As for the Fast product, it’s not much different from the Sakti. You can apply for a loan starting from USD. 500k to USD. 5 million with 10 to 30 days. With a daily service charge of 0.5%. You’ll also get 4% off $ Rewards for your next loan.

The amount you can apply for is from USD. 4 million to USD. 20 million with a 3 to 6-month tenor. The daily service charge is 2.75% to 7.75%. As well as short term products you can also get a 2% TK $ Rewards for future loans.

Premiere +

In the next product, the amount of the application will start from USD. 4 million to USD. 20 million with a 3 to 6-month tenor. With a daily service charge of 3% to 8%. And you will get 3% off $ Rewards for your next loan.

Well, online financial services are included in financial technology or fintech. This term represents the innovative and creative use of financial technology, especially in providing more efficient financial products and services. The most important aspect of fintech is a quick and easy solution for all your financial services needs. Some familiar examples of fintech in the community include digital banking, payments, P2P, and online investment applications. Applying the principle of peer to peer lending, For this reason, TimiKimi will discuss reviews on the benefits of applying for an online loan. Here are:

Ease of doing the transaction process

Fintech companies rely on financial technology and internet networks to manage their products or services. The greater the number of smartphone users, the greater the awareness of online financial transactions. Plus, thanks to your online financial services application or platform, you can manage all your transactions anywhere and anytime. There’s no limit to time and place, so it’s easy and practical.

Security guaranteed

If you doubt the security of transacting online, it’s time to dispel that doubt. Security methods with the latest technology provide protection to customer data. Usually, you also need to verify the data before the transaction process. Some of the security alternatives offered by fintech applications such as token usage, encryption, and biometric data.

The approval rate is faster

Online financial services are an alternative lender to microlenders, who often have difficulty accessing loans to banks. In addition to easy access, the online approval process for online lending is also fast, averaging over a 24-hour period. The same applies to investors or lenders. With the speed of approval, users feel comfortable using this service.

Real-time monitoring

For users of financial services such as investments, the online system enables real-time monitoring. Wherever you access the data, the information obtained is the same. It also makes it easier for you to make important decisions about your business or personal financial situation.

Which of the four benefits have you enjoyed through online financial services? The presence of online financial services not only facilitates access to a wide range of financial products and services but also raises people’s financial awareness, including investment. To control this, you can try investing. So no doubt to try investments online, yes!

Choose Wisdom Loans That Will Not Be Deceived

Many of the best online lending options are available today, making it necessary to be smarter. It’s important to do this so that you won’t be deceived and not be burdened. Choosing an online lender is a must, so you won’t be easily fooled by the offers. Do not be overwhelmed and trapped by the ever-growing flowers. We hope the information that TimiKimi provides can be helpful and useful to you.

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