Going to the bank for a cash loan, we expect a ready offer, which we agree to or will not. If it is not very attractive to us, thank you and we are starting to look for a more advantageous option in a competitive facility. However, if it goes on like this, unfortunately we will start to spend a lot of time going to the banks with the likelihood that we will eventually settle nothing. Few come to mind to try to negotiate loan terms.

It’s worth starting from the beginning


Probably this rule seems quite funny. But really, if we decide on a cash loan, first we should find out what conditions all banks offer. It may turn out that we had no idea how the actual interest rate is calculated. It is known that the usual interest rate will be 5 to 10% percent. But by the way, we should not forget about adding commission or insurance. The best reflection of all offers can be found in the financial comparison engine.

What do we expect from the loan?

What do we expect from the loan?

Do not forget about our expectations for a loan? One person will want to make the loan cheap. Another person will again want to make sure that the insurance is not obligatory under any circumstances. Such expectations can really be very much. Each client can suggest what will be the most advantageous for him at the moment.

We should also remember that at present there is a very large variety of cash loans. Among them, we will exchange, among others, cash loans granted online, or within 15 minutes. Do not forget about financial products without security, or those provided directly in the branch, immediately giving cash to the client.

Most often, however, we pay attention to the final price. A cash loan is a financial product whose real interest rate will range from 5 to 40%. Thus, we see very large differences between offers. There are also short-term loans with an initial interest rate of 0% on the market. If we have a problem with calculating the installment and all costs of the loan, a good idea will be, for example, using a financial calculator. Usually we can find it on the bank’s website where we want to take out a loan.

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